Special Issue

A special issue of the Society's journal, Electrochimica Acta, is planned based on selected original contributions made at the conference. Selection will be made by an international editorial Committee comprising the following Editors* and Guest Editors, one for each of the Symposia in which the meeting is articulated:

Symposium 1 Alison Downard
Symposium 2 Elena Ferapontova *
Symposium 3 Robert Kostecki
Symposium 4 Lorenz Gubler
Symposium 5 Chi-Chang Hu
Symposium 6 Ladislav Kavan
Symposium 7 Wei Ping Dow
Symposium 8 Nick Birbilis *
Symposium 9 Kotaro Sasaki
Symposium 10 Manuel Andres Rodrigo
Symposium 11 Flavio Maran
Symposium 12 Andrea Russell
Symposium 13 Carlos Eduardo Frontana
Symposium 14 Pawel J Kulesza *
Symposium 15 Fran├žois Lapicque
Symposium 16 Renata Bilewicz
Symposium 17 Michael Eikerling

The Special Issues Editor, Sergio Trasatti, will co-ordinate the action of the editorial Committee and will be directly responsible for the review procedure. The Special Issue is planned to accommodate ca. 170 papers.

Submission only on invitation of one of the Guest Editors.

Submission timespan: 10 October 2015 - 10 January 2016.

Electrochimica Acta